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Examples of Three Multiple Choice Q & A's

Carnegie Mellon University Exhibit

Here are the 3 questions with multiple choice answers for visiting our booth:

1. ICES is an engineering research institute at:
     A. University of Pittsburgh
     B. Carnegie Mellon University
     C. Chatham College

2. Carnegie Mellon's Institute for Complex Engineered Systems (ICES) has researchers that study:
     A. Biomedical Engineering
     B. Electrical and Computer Engineering
     C. Mechanical Engineering
     D. A, B, and C.

3. ICES researchers at Carnegie Mellon work on cool engineering projects such as:
     A. Wearable Computers
     B. Artificial Organs
     C. Creating New Bubble Gum Flavors
     D. A and B

Michael Baker Corporation Exhibit

Did you know that GIS is everywhere?

1. GIS is an acronym for what?
      a. Geographic Information System
      b. Global Information Source
      c. Geographic Information Satellite

2. GPS is an acronym for what?
      a. Global Positioning System
      b. Geographic Planning Source
      c. Global Placement Satellite

3. What company is the industry leader in GIS software?
      a. ESRI
      b. Microsoft
      c. Macromedia

Sunoco Chemicals Exhibit

1) Which of the following can be made out of polypropylene?
      a) Potato chip bags
      b) Car bumpers
      c) Dairy food containers
      d) All of the above and much more
Answer: d)

2) What makes vinyl (PVC) soft and flexible?
      a) Flattery
      b) Plasticizers: molecules that interact and blend with plastic
      c) Not enough exercise
      d) Dispersed rubber particles
Answer: b)

3) What makes polypropylene tough?
      a) Dispersed rubber particles
      b) Plasticizers: molecules that interact and blend with plastic
      c) A thick skin
      d) Plenty of exercise and a low-carbohydrate diet
Answer: a)

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