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Kick-off your curriculum with SciTech. Focus on our region's growing industries (specific areas of STEM - science, technology, engineering, math). Expose your students to science and technology careers, and inspire them for the remainder of the school year. Also, expand your SciTech experience pre- and post- visit with the links below.

Introductory pages:


                                                      Science          Technology           Engineering                 Math

     STEM is Everywhere GAME! (play as a guest) and STEM Career Matchmaker

     Really - Why STEM? A fun insightful 5-minute video using LEGOS (yes, LEGOS). Winner of the innaugral year of the i5 Digital Video Competition at Carnegie Science Center!

     WHY STEM??: A video that has a beat... and in a fun way shows all the folks involved in STEM. Click STEM is cool winning videos (on the right) and then click Activision. Try the SAS video also.

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Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Advanced Materials Processes, Eco Technology and Information Technology.

•     Helpful Links on SciTech's focus Areas: Games, fun quizzes, movies, timelines and much more.

•     Science in the News: Featuring a SciTech blog (click here for ideas on how to use this blog in your classroom),                                                science-related articles and archives.

•    Check Out: Tours, camps & classes, funding, continuing ed for teachers and more.

•    Career Resources: Video interviews, self-assessment quizzes and more.

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