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A brief introduction to —
Information Technology

IT for short.

Definition of Information Technology:
This is defined as the 
In information technology, hardware is the physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other devices. and 
In information technolgy, software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. used through an interconnected system to store, manage, move, control, display and exchange information. This includes Computers are machine that manipulate data according to a list of instructions., software programs and the Internet. This field is comprised of consultants, analysts, programmers, designers and installers.

An example of Global Applications:
Following the tsunami disaster in Asia, questions were raised about the Information Technology available to the scientists and victims in the area. This information could have prepared residents and tourists for the tsunami. On the other hand, IT has helped the tsunami relief efforts by the distribution of information. IT can also help to prevent another such disaster by integrating global resources to create a user-accessible warning system.

Reach of Applications:
It is difficult to think of an area of life that is not affected by Information Technology. Information technology can assist those who are physically challenged, help identify possible terrorists and promote homeland security, as well as make sure your burger is hot as you are pulling through the drive-through window of a fast food restaurant! Now-a-days, this reach includes entertainment technology, cyber security, data storage, supercomputing, system-on-a-chip - all of which represent emerging technology clusters in the 'Burg!

Pittsburgh Connection:
Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science is ranked as the best in the country.

Watts S. Humphrey founded the Software Process Program of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Humphrey was awarded the 2003 National Medal of Technology, the highest award for America’s leading innovators, for his work in the software engineering community.

James Gosling, the father of the Java  In computer technology, a set of conventions in which instructions for the machine are written. There are many languages that allow humans to communicate with computers; FORTRAN, BASIC, and Pascal are some common ones. , received his Ph.D in computer science from Carnegie Mellon in 1983.

Did You Know?: Computer memory can be a limiting factor in optimum kidney exchanges.

Some important information technology terms include:
Data  •  IT  •  Computer Systems/Applications
Hardware   •  Software  •  Internet
Multimedia  •  Data Processing is the counting and tabulation of raw facts (i.e. data) into a form that is suitable for future use. This term is usually associated with computer tabulations.  •   Analysis  •  Design

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  • Today, Information Technology is everywhere.

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