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A brief introduction to — Engineering

What is engineering?
Engineering is the application of science and math
to design or manufacture something that benefits
society. This can include structures, machines,
processes, and systems. For example, engineers
help build bridges, buildings, computers, appliances,
power plants, and transportation systems.

What makes a good engineer?
In 1955, N. W. Dougherty,
a Professor in Civil Engineering at the University of Tennessee, said...the ideal engineer is a composite,
not a scientist, not a mathematician, not a sociologist
or a writer; but uses the knowledge and techniques of
any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering

Some possible careers:

o Aeronautical: aerodynamics
o Astronautical: aerospace; space technology
o Chemical: petroleum; petroleum refining; process
o Civil: architectural; hydraulic; hydrologic; marine; sanitary and environmental; structural; transportation
o Electrical: communication; electronic; power
o Mechanical: engineering mechanics
o Metallurgy and materials

Interactive games, interviews with cutting edge engineers, and more:

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