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    the 2015 winners are!

  • FYI - - FREE - - July 16-17 (10am-4pm) two-day workshop - SmashJam Flyer

  • For videos - - Select 2015 i5 winners!, or 2015 montage, or 2015 submission playlists

  • middle school
    • Best Story-telling Award
    “STEM in my Future” by Justin Clevenger and Richie Dell
    (South Fayette Middle School)
    Communicating Science Award
    “Pittsburgh Food Science” by Trinity Cioppa, Jazmine Howard and Ciarra Turner
    (STEM Stars Woodland Hills Junior High School)
    Best Use of Technology Award
    “The Concussion Crisis” by MaKayla Brown, Abigail Collura, Maggie Goob, Dylan Ordean, Nino Masciola, Max Miller, Dani Sakulsky, Leah Stoner and Evan Walker
    (Propel Montour)
    Artistic Vision Award
    “Be a Hero: i5” by Abigail Hipkins and Brandy Washington
    (Canonsburg Middle School)
    Viewer's Choice Award
    “Project 15206: A Watershed Moment” by Amila Niksic
    (Winebiddle Street Homeschool)

    high school
    • Best Story-telling Award
    “Computer Reach: Refurbishing Computers, Manufacturing Hope” by Sead Niksic
    (Obama Academy)
    Communicating Science Award
    “Pollution in the Pittsburgh Region” by Tyler Barry, Zach Gibbons, Jake McCloskey, Avery McGinnis, and Evan Noll
    (Altoona Area Junior High School)
    Best Use of Technology Award
    “Redefining Rest: How Modern Medicine Uses STEM To Change The Way We Sleep” by Ross Peters
    (St. Peter's Homeschool)
    Artistic Vision Award
    “The STEAM Revolution” by Jacob Spagnol
    (Elizabeth Forward High School)
    Viewer's Choice Award
    “Computer Reach: Refurbishing Computers, Manufacturing Hope” by Sead Niksic
    (Obama Academy)

    Grand Prize - the best of the whole bunch!
    “Project 15206: A Watershed Moment” by Amila Niksic
    (Winebiddle Street Homeschool)

  • SO WHAT IS i5?
  • SO WHY i5?
  • how to vote for the Viewer's Choice Award
  • resources
  • reception & Awards Ceremony 'the details'
  • in the news


    SO WHAT IS i5?

    A digital video competition for middle and high school students on the impact of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in their lives - namely:
  • innovations
  • issues
  • individuals
  • inspiring careers
  • incredible income potential

    Tell your story! Make a video of five minutes or less that shows how science, technology, engineering and/or math (STEM) are an important part of your life. (link to examples)

    Entrants must not be an employee of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh or Pittsburgh Filmmakers, or their immediate families and members of their household.

    SO WHY i5?

    Creating a video fosters the development of critical life skills including systems thinking, problem solving, iterative design and digital media literacies.

    The i5 Digital Video Competition has students develop and use engineering practices outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), such as, developing and using models, designing solutions and communicating information.


    digital video of 5 minutes MAX
  • not including title page/credits
  • Quicktime movie format (.mov)
  • title page including name of film, student(s) names, school name, grade
  • please include your science sources and any photo/film/approval for sources in the credits after the video
  • content must be tasteful and appropriate for all ages

    February 12, 2016 SUBMIT topic by email (the deadline)
    You get a judging point for submitting this form!
        (download story outline submission form)

    March 21, 2016 ENTER competition (the deadline)
        (how to enter)

    March 27 - April 10, 2016 VOTE for Viewer's Choice Award
        (how to vote for the Viewer's Choice Award)

    April 21, 2015 ATTEND the reception & Awards Ceremony @ Carnegie Science Center, OMNIMAX Theater
        (invitations will be emailed & rsvps are a must!)
        (reception & Awards Ceremony 'the details')

    (by the way everybody - all participants - 'win' a chocolate i5 pin, and receive a certificate/poster for participation)
         middle school
  • Best Story-telling Award ($150)
  • Communicating Science Award ($150)
  • Best Use of Technology Award ($150)
  • Artistic Vision Award ($150)
  • Viewer's Choice Award ($150)
         high school
  • Best Story-telling Award ($150)
  • Communicating Science Award ($150)
  • Best Use of Technology Award ($150)
  • Artistic Vision Award ($150)
  • Viewer's Choice Award ($150)
                   Grand Prize - the best of the whole bunch!
        ($300 + a $400 tuition certificate that can be used for any media class, camp or workshop at Pittsburgh
               + PLUS trophies for each winner's school
         All category prize winners also receive:
    two general admission tickets for the Carnegie Science Center
         two general admission tickets for Pittsburgh Filmmakers Theaters*.
    *good for one screening - not valid for festival screenings or special events

  • think clarity of message, ability to deliver message, connection to Pittsburgh region, use of technology available to you, creativity (approach or concept), use of research, adherence to submission guidelines and of course the judges' discretion
  • to help you get started (link to judging criteria, prizes, and to sample titles & videos)

    how to enter:
    1. submit your topic, video and all the paperwork on or before the deadlines (dates)
    2. follow the judging requirements (judging criteria)
    3. submitting your video
    Entries should be submitted by uploading online (how to upload your video) for judging.
          In addition - for final screening and exhibition -
             a physical copy of a movie file should be mailed to:
                  Geri Baker @ Carnegie Science Center
                  One Allegheny Ave.
                  Pittsburgh, PA 15212
                  FAX: 412.237.3375 attn: Geri Baker
        For the best and highest quality, please send a .mov movie file copied on a flash drive or disc. (Quicktime H.264     preferred).
    4. submit your paperwork:
        -story outline submission due Feb. 12 (form)
        -entry form, release forms (individuals/talent, locations, materials/music)
        -please have the signature of your parent! (on the entry form unless you are over 18)

    how to vote for the Viewer's Choice Award: (March 27-April 10)
    Go online to your Youtube or Google account (if you do not already have one they are free!):
    1. Click here (or go to http://
    2. Then, click to view films
    3. Next, click 'like' for up to 3 middle school and 3 high school films

  • FREE Digital Video SMASH JAM Workshop
    Vision to Video 2-day Workshop July 16-17. Check back during the school year for additional workshop opportunities!
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) toolbox
  • copyright information
  • storyboarding sheet
  • computers & technology Check out the CLP Digital Media Labs! free to teens grades 5-12 including mentors, free programs,...
  • classes with the Youth Media Program @ Pittsburgh Filmmakers
  • video toolbox (online videos about many aspects of video design)
  • i5 short course:     the basics          continuity editing
  • sound editing site Audacity
  • mixing.editing, royaly free music, more 'how to'! additional websites (scroll down the page)
  • iMovie Guide Cheat Sheet p1 Cheat Sheet p2
  • keep it simple storytelling

    reception & Awards Ceremony 'the details' :
  • Everybody is invited to come down on April 21, 2016 to CELEBRATE!
                        We'll send you an email invite!
             (All entrants will be sent invites, plus you can have passes for your family/friends as requested.
             Three seats may be reserved which includes a seat for the participant -
             by emailing by April 15.
             After this date remaining seats will be open for reservation.)
  • Pre-registration is a must (we do have to make plans)

  • Everything starts at 6:30pm!!
  • 6:30-7:30pm    Sign-in
                         ALL video entries will be shown at the Carnegie Science Center(large screens with looping videos!)
                         during the reception (think tasty snacks)
                         Try out a 3D Doodler - and take home your doodle ... and more (think fun stuff to do)!

  • 7:30-9:30pm   Awards Ceremony including top finalist films shown on the largest screen in Pittsburgh
                         (that's in Carnegie Science Center's OMNIMAX Theater) and all finalists will be recognized!
  • 9:30-10pm Photos of award winners

          check out the 2015 speaker
                        at the
         i5 Digital Video Competition
                    Awards Ceremony

                       Brett Perl:
    Architecture Thesis student, Changing the World

    socially-, economically-, environmentally-conscious design                           
    Clinton Global Initiative
    granted him a fellowship based on his design work

    "Six" is his current project in Haiti          

    Brett Perl is graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University in May of 2015. His conceptual design work in Haiti has been publicly and personally commended by President Bill Clinton at Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Additionally, he's received a Fellowship from the Resolution Project based on project proposals made at CGI. He has studied the spatial, economic, social, and environmental implications of redesigns of existing systems in Haiti specifically. Additionally, Brett has had substantial
    experience with fabrication
    and prototyping using both
    digital and analog workflows.                                                                                                                   

  • downloadable flyer/poster
  • short program description
  • expanded program description

    in the news
  • TRIB - Baldwin junior tells bioswale story in award-winning film
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Science lessons at Baldwin high school improve environment
  • i5 in a Local Senator's News Feed

    Want more information?
       please do contact me:

                                                       Geri Baker

                                                      Carnegie Science Center
                                                      One Allegheny Avenue
                                                       Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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